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My work explores the richness of human experience and the natural world in which we live; the relationship between people and the other living creatures on our shared planet is sometimes collaborative and always fascinating. I try to distil both this relationship and the form it takes so that the finished sculpture remains figurative but is almost abstract in its simplicity.

All the stages of the creation of each sculpture are enthralling and exciting from finding the correct stone for what I have in mind right through to the finishing and polishing when the beauty of the chosen stone is finally revealed - whether it is the fossils contained within, owing to it's geological history, or it's translucency and the way the light shines through it. 

My paintings also celebrate the beauty of the natural world and sometimes use and repurpose found objects. This different medium allows me to capture the lightness and often playful mobility of the world around us in a way that is difficult to reflect in the weight and solidity of stone. 

Be it sculpture or painting I strive to turn attention to the world of nature - how we live amongst and with it, our similarities and dissimilarities to it and ultimately how we must nurture and protect it.

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